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Job Announcement

Employer:School of Foreign Languages, Dalian University of Technology

Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is a national key university under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education. It was established originally as the School of Engineering of Dalian University in April 1949. Dalian University was divided in July 1950 and the School of Engineering of Dalian University was reestablished independently as Dalian Institute of Technology (DIT), which was renamed as Dalian University of Technology in March 1988.

DUT has three campuses (Lingshui, Development Zone and Panjin) in two cities (Dalian and Panjin). It covers a total area of 4.335 million square meters (1071 acres) with a construction area of 1.424 million square meters (352 acres). DUT has over 3,600 faculty members, including about 2,000 full-time teachers, 600 Ph.D. supervisors, and 600 professors. DUT has over 34,700 full-time students, including over 3,700 Ph. D. students, 9,600 Master students, 20,700 undergraduates and more than 700 international students.

DUT keeps the cultivation of talents as its primary mission and attaches equal importance to undergraduate and graduate programs. It has formed a multi-disciplinary system which focuses on science and engineering and coordinates science, engineering, economics, management, humanities, law, philosophy and arts. It has now 4 national key primary disciplines and 6 national key secondary disciplines, 27 Ph. D. programs in the primary disciplines, and 128 Ph.D. programs in the secondary disciplines, 42 Master programs in the primary disciplines and 218 Master programs in the secondary disciplines, 24 post-doctoral research stations and 77 undergraduate programs, including 23 national special programs.

DUT keeps fostering elites, promoting science and technology, inheriting excellent cultures as its mission, adheres to DUT spirit of “Unity and Progress, Truth and Innovation”, dedicates itself to the creation, discovery, impart, conservation and application of knowledge, and dares to shoulder social responsibilities to serve the country and the world.

LocationNo. 2, Linggong Rd., Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning Province, P. R. China

Job Vacancy:Full-time English Language Teacher

Job Description:

1) 5 working days per week.

2) Two campus-wide lectures per term for college students.

3) No less than one consultancy and training per term on extracurricular activities and language contests.

4) Teaching subjects such as oral English, critical reading, English writing, British/American/European politics, history, society & culture, World Literature and Western Civilization, etc.

Job Requirements:

1) Language Requirement: English as the native language.

2) Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

3) Education: Four-year Bachelor’s Degree and above (preferably in humanities, education or social sciences); ESL, TESOL or TEFL holders preferred.

4) Work Experience: at least two years’ full-time teaching experience in institutions of higher education.

5) Age: 25-55.

Benefits of Employment:

1)Monthly Salary:7600 RMB——12400 RMB before tax based on the education background and working experience.

2)Optional Accommodation:an on-campus furnished apartment (80 square meters; two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom) available for each teacher. (Air conditioner, central heating system, cable TV, local telephone, Internet access, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, shower, gas stove, microwave, cabinet, table, chairs, beds, and beddings are available in each apartment.) The rent (RMB 2400 per month) will be deducted from the monthly salary. Utilities are not included in the rent.

3)Air Ticket / Allowance:Reimbursement of a round-trip international economy cabin air ticket for one-year contractORan allowance (RMB 7000 for one-year contract).

4)Vacation Allowance:RMB 2200 for fulfillment of a one-year contract.

5)Holidays:4-Week Winter Holidays with payment for a one-year contract; other paid Chinese holidays.

6)Medical Care (Insurance): Group Accident Insurance within China (for serious injuries, not for outpatient treatment). The insurance premium is included in salary.

7)Common Office:Free computers, a printer and Internet access. Donated reference books available.

Application Documents:

1) CV or Resume

2) Copy and electronic copy of Passport Photo page

3) Copy of Degree Diplomas with public notarization.

4) Clean Background Certificate with public notarization.

5) Copy of TEFL certificates (optional)

6) Letters of recommendation respectively from 2 previous teaching-related institutions (preferably Letters from International Office of Chinese institutions of higher education)

7) physical examination record (preferably from public hospitals )

Contact us:

Zhu Dequan, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Telephone: 13761278407

Email: zhudequan.123@163.com zhudequan@dlut.edu.cn