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宾夕法尼亚州立大学James P. Lantolf教授来我院作学术报告

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6月2日下午,“大工外语讲坛”系列报告会的第三场报告在文科楼304会议室举行。来自宾夕法尼亚州立大学的James P. Lantolf教授为广大师生带来了一场题为“On Evidence of Second Language Development from a Sociocultural Theoretical Perspective”的学术报告。外国语学院陈海庆教授主持报告会。






报告会结束,陈宏俊院长为James P.Lantolf教授颁发了“大工外语讲坛”证书,并代表外国语学院全体师生表示感谢。




主讲人James P. Lantolf简介:

The Greer Professor in Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the Pennsylvania State University. He is Director of the Center for Language Acquisition, and Director of CALPER (Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research) Penn State’s Title VI Language Resource Center. He was president of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (2005), served as co-editor of Applied Linguistics (1993-1998), and is founding editor of Language and Sociocultural Theory, Equinox Press. He is recipient of the AAAL Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award (2016). His research focuses on sociocultural theory and second language development in classroom settings. He is co-author of Sociocultural theory and the genesis of second language development (2006), Oxford University Press. His 2014 co-authored book, Sociocultural theory and the pedagogical imperative: Vygotskian praxis and the L2 research/practice divide (Routledge) was awarded the Mildenberger Prize of the Modern Language Association of America for its contribution to the teaching of language and culture. He edited Sociocultural theory and second language learning (2000), Oxford University Press, and co-edited Vygotskian approaches to second language research (1994), Ablex Press, and Sociocultural theory and the teaching of second languages (2008), Equinox Press, and is currently working on the co-edited Routledge Handbook on Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning. He has been visiting professor at several international universities and currently holds honorary professorships at the University of Hong Kong and Xi’an JiaoTong University in China. In 2016 he was named Yangtze River Professor in Applied Linguistics at JiaoTong University.



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