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MTI Program

March 25, 2017

In 2010, the Dalian University of Technology was entitled to confer the Master’s degree of translation and interpreting and began its first enrollment of MTI students in 2011. This program encompasses English interpreting, English translation, Japanese interpreting, Japanese translation and Russian translation. It aims to train outstanding, practical and professional translators and interpreters in fields of scientific and technical translation, classics translation, Chinese culture translation, business translation and historical document translation.

Following the core concept of “establishing a professional translator training mode and system with technical university’s characteristics”, the Dalian University of Technology’s MTI program aims at cultivating qualified professional translators and interpreters who have outstanding skills in translation, basic knowledge of the disciplines of science and engineering, strong cross-cultural competence and intercultural communication abilities, sound professional ethics and the capacity to engage in translation work in the field of scientific and technical translation, classics translation, Chinese culture translation, business translation and historical document translation and who meet the requirements for the social, economic and cultural construction in Dalian, Liaoning Province and China. It persists in exploring the method for technical universities to cultivate qualified MTI students.

Having made the best use of the scientific and technical translation platform provided by our technical university, the program enhances students’ scientific and technical translation skills in the fields of chemical industry, machinery, telecommunication, marine engineering and civil engineering. With the help of teachers’ research, translation and teaching competence, it develops students’ practical skills in the fields which are highly needed by our nation, such as classics translation, Chinese culture translation, international communication and the promotion of Chinese culture. Out of the need for Dalian and Liaoning’s regional development, it develops students’ translation skills in the fields of historical documents such as Japanese war criminals’ written confessions and national marine safety documents. Taking full advantage of Dalian’s Strategic geographical condition as an international coastal metropolis, it develops students’ bilingual translation skills in the practical sectors of business and trade. It also promotes the internationalization of students’ training process, gives full importance to the international cooperation and communication platform and develops students’ professional translation skills and comprehensive abilities.

The MTI program adopts a teaching pattern made up of a credit system, case study, simulated workplace training and project management; a practice pattern that involves practices inside and outside school, home and abroad; a diverse training pattern that includes a tutorial system under the leadership of mentor groups and the translation qualification certificate incentives.